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The 2014 MoonBots Challenge is an international on-line competition that challenges youth from 9 to 17 years old to form a team, and design, create and program robots to simulate lunar missions.
The competition is divided into two phases. In Phase One, you create a user account and add your team and then create and upload a video in which you answer the question, “Why should we go Back to the Moon for Good?”   At the end of Phase One, 25 teams will be selected. They will receive a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics toolkit, LEGO bricks and other materials to create their own robot and lunar landscape.
In Phase Two, the 25 teams will be asked to design their own game play using all of the cool resources provided to them. Teams will also be asked to create and upload a video showing how they have demonstrated their MoonBots game to children and adults in their community.
The Grand Prize is a trip for the winning team to visit Hawaii to test their robot on top of a volcano!  And there are many other great prizes to be won too!

MoonBots 2014 Challenge Video

Latest News

Team MegaBotVotu teaches robotics to socially vulnerable children

This is truly awesome! We have received these pictures and text from MoonBots 2014 team MegaBotVotu from Brazil:

Dear MoonBots.
We donated all material we received from you to a charity (Frei Arnaldo Home) that cares for socially vulnerable children.
Three of our students will teach them to work with Robotics!
All of us together can change the world!!

Best Regards,

Ricardo Conde
Coach MegaBotVotu Team

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