Certificates for the 2014-2015 competitions

To all past teams in the 2014 and 2015 MOONBOTS competitions:

If you were a Team Member or Team Captain of either the 2014 or the 2015 MOONBOTS competitions, you can now download a certificate to fill out to document your participation.

The certificates can be found as PDF files in the Extras section. Download a certificate and print it out and fill in your name and team name.

If anyone needs to verify the validity of the certificate they can contact us via our email address:

Grand Prize Winner Team MecaLIKS

Team Mecaliks is comprised of three schoolmates – Jana González, 9; Ambar Diaz, 9; and Jade Diaz, 12; and their team captain, Adolfo Ferrer, a mentor at the girls’ school and robotics club, LIKS.

Grand Prize Winner Team Linked Lunas

Linked Lunas is comprised of twin sisters Hadley and Delaney Robertson and their team captain and mom, Shannon Robertson.

Grand Prize Winner Team Moonshot

Moonshot team members Sasha Cipani, 10, Naples,

Grand Prize Winner Team GalacTECHs

Team GalacTECHs is comprised of two sets of siblings: Rayyan and Aleena Ali, 10 and 8; and Kamran and Nadia Ansari, 10 and

Calling all Explorers, Adventurers and Dreamers

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2015 MOONBOTS Challenge, an international competition sponsored by XPRIZE that invites kids to design, create and program their own lunar rover. 

Watch the Launch Video

This year is going to be fun!