Sign up this week and win a GoPro camera!

Sign up for MoonBots this week and win a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition camera!

It is the week of the FIRST(R) Championships and we are running a prize draw of one (1) GoPRo camera (approximate retail value 300 US Dollars).

The draw is for any new team that signs up between 8.00 AM Central Time April 23 2014 and 5.00 PM (Central Time) Sunday 27 April 2014.

The lucky team will be announced here on the MoonBots website and via our Facebook profile and will also be be notified via email.

Sign up a team to participate in the Prize Draw!

Instructional video for the MoonBots 2014 Challenge

To all MoonBots teams and friends of the MoonBots challenge!

Here's an instructional and inspirational video for how a MoonBots mission could look and play out.


Note that for Phase Two (final phase) of the MoonBots 2014 challenge your team has a lot of creative freedom for designing your robot, the Lunar landscape and the mission, so this video can possibly inspire you to make your very own version.

Message to all teams

Remember to add a team logo once your team has signed up! And to fill out the consent forms for all team members and the team captain to make your participation valid.

The MoonBots 2014 Challenge is now open for registration!

Do you have what it takes to put a robot on the Moon?

Can you answer 'Why We Should Go Back to the Moon for Good?'

Do you want to win a trip to Hawai'i and other great prizes?

Then create a user account and get going! We are looking forward to see you and your team here!

The MoonBots administration