For the 2017 challenge we have found six young and very competent judges from across the world.

They are right now hard at work with judging and scoring the 166 submissions we have received in Phase One, and will find 12 finalists who will move on to Phase Two.

Our judges will also be judging the 12 individual teams at the end of Phase Two, to find the one Grand Prize Winner!

We have asked them to share their profiles - please read more about them below.

Dennis Ren

My name is Dennis Ren. I am a Rocket Scientist and an Electrical Engineering student attending the University of California, San Diego. I lived my childhood in China and received my secondary education in Canada. I want to dedicate my career to mankind's quest to become a multi-planetary species. I envision that in 50 years, all citizens on this planet will have access to travel outside of earth. During my time at college, I contributed to the very first student-built rocket powered by a 3D printed rocket engine. Besides space, I am also very interested in wireless power transmission technology. I have personally built large tesla coils that can arc over 2 feet in the air. I firmly believe that power grids and endless power lines will soon become obsolete.

Meredith Campbell

Meredith Campbell, originally from Derry, New Hampshire in the United States, currently lives in Strasbourg, France and studies at the International Space University. She came to the International Space University because as a mechanical engineer she hopes to move into the space industry. Her specific interests are in rocketry and climate science. While she has many hobbies, she particularly enjoys building and launching high powered rockets. She also has an obsession with hiking very tall mountains and writing music on her ukulele.

Sam Harrison

Originally from the UK I am currently an MSc Space studies student at the International Space University in Strasbourg France, I came to ISU to improve my technical background relating to space sciences and engineering across a broad range of fields. I have a background in rocketry through my involvement with Stanford University’s Space Initiative and though being a co-founder of Oxford Universities High Powered Rocketry Society. I am set to work at NASA JSC this summer in the Mars Study Capability team and plan on moving back to the US after I graduate. I am the Co-founder of Nebula Sciences which is a UK and US based company specialising in high altitude balloon launches.

Ases Akas Mishra

My name is Ases Akas Mishra and I am a Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. My past projects include SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 2016, European Rover Challenge 2016 conducted by the European rover challenge and I am currently working for CanSat 2017 organised by NASA and AIAA. My research areas include aeronautical and aerospace engineering. I love travelling and I am a big time foodie.

Hatem Hussein

My name is Hatem Hussein, currently I'm living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's a great place full of innovation and creative opportunities, which as an architect this allowed me to nourish my imagination. My passion toward design, robotics and space was the main reason to join the International Space University, this step is to fulfill my goal of becoming a future space architect. One of my hobbies is skiing, I learnt how to ski on the sand dunes of Dubai deserts, nowadays I ski on real snow.

Jenna Tiwana

Hi, I am Jenna Tiwana, currently living in Strasbourg, France originally from London, UK. I have a background in Aerospace Engineering and have completed a Master’s in Aeronautics and Astronautics at University of Southampton in the UK. I chose to study at the International Space University as from a young age I have had a passion for space and really wanted to get to grips with all aspects of the industry ranging from space law to rocket science. My hobbies include salsa dancing and sky-diving - I regularly compete and perform in salsa and am a licensed sky-diver. A fun fact about me – I hate chocolate!